City sign: Pula

Cycling from Passau to Pula

In front of the Rog

In 2010, Stefan alias Etti alias “the king of bad jokes” and I went on a bike trip from Passau, Germany to Pula, Croatia. During 15 days on the road we cycled through 6 countries and visited 4 capitals. We cursed the Danube bike path, did not swim in Lake Balaton, and drank too much Vodka at the wrong time.

What you are going to to read is a “not-to-be-taken-too-serious”-travelogue about Austrians speaking in tongues, Hungarian Niki Lauda fans, bike factories that became a squat, mosquito pests, huge tits and an amount of flatulence that made Grasprom think about linking us to their pipeline network.




07.08.10 – 11.08.10 : Passau to Bratislava
12.08.10 – 16.08.10 : Bratislava to Zagreb
17.08.10 – 23.08.10 : Zagreb to Pula


An image gallery with all the pictures of this tour.

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