Camping on the steep coast near Kamen Bryag

Germany to Istanbul on a Bicycle

A Romanian wishing well

In 2011 I cycled from Passau, Germany to Istanbul, Turkey with my friend Michi. The codename of the tour was ATW ’11. This trip was the first part of what would become the ATW project and continue in 2015 with ATW ’15. We rode from Passau through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria to Turkey. This was my first long bike trip and a lot of funny, strange and surprising things happened. I hope you’ll enjoy the read and also that I can make you smile every now and then.




09.07.11 – 14.07.11 : He, Who Makes Plans, Mistrusts His Luck
15.07.11 – 20.07.11 : Cycling from Slovakia to Croatia via Hungary
21.07.11 – 25.07.11 : A Serbian Road Movie
… to be continued

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