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If yes, please consider the option of supporting me on my adventure.

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I’ll publish the Names of everyone who supports me on the “Thank You” page of radwild. In case you don’t want your name there, just add “Anonymous” or something similar to your donation or write me a short email.

Support me via I’ll get 100% of the donation.

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Via this button Paypal deducts 2% of fees from the amount.


In case you don’t want to or cannot use Paypal, just write me an email and I’ll send you my bank account number or we’ll find another way how you can support me.

How much does this trip cost?

My monthly budget is about $300. I spend half of this on food, the other half is for the occasional hostel, all my visa, transport and a health insurance for the trip.

$5 will sponsor my food for one day. That’s less than a Big Mac and a Coke at McDonalds and it helps me a bit already.

$35 will buy me food for a whole week. More or less the price of a fancy restaurant meal or a binge night in a seedy bar. To say thank you for this week of cycling I’d send you a postcard from wherever I’ll be at this time. Don’t forget that I need your address to do so. Just send me a short email stating your address and the postcard will be on its way in no time.

In case of really big donations I’ll think of something special for you. For example I might send you a parcel with a grown up kangaroo or maybe some snow from a glacier in the Himalayas. Just kidding, of course. But I’ll really try to find something very special to say thank you.

Current Finances

Donations: 1639€
Total Budget: 3498€
Going-Home Fallback: 1000€

Thank You!

Lots of thanks if you have read this page and even more thanks if you donated something. You helped me a lot.

Incredible Support

  • Anni, Bernhard & Thomas Hoen
  • Burkhard Bettinger
  • Rotel Tours crowd at the Laos border

Big Support

  • Stefan und Nina Delor
  • Annemarie Fuchs
  • Fabian Reinartz
  • Malte Skoruppa
  • Florian und Minxin Welzel


  • Patrick Ehl
  • Markus Kipp
  • Sarah Utzig
  • Sarah Utzigs Mutter