I’d like to thank all the following people for their support during my adventure. I highly appreciate your help and kindness.


  • My parents and my brother who support me despite they doubt the sense of this trip.
  • Patrick Schiel for kicking my ass when it was necessary.
  • Malte, who proofread the first articles on radwild.
  • Boris, Jani, Etti and Malte again for accompanying me to Istanbul to celebrate my birthday and see us of for the trip.
  • The Hot Dogs and the Wild Cats crew who had to find a new drummer once again.
  • My former flatmates Ramona and Carola for cleaning up the mess I left behind when I left.
  • Everyone at home who I forgot to mention. If you think I forgot to mention you, just kick my leg, slap my ear and write me an email.


  • Sencer from Izmir hosted us for two days and showed us around Izmir. Thanks for the great evening at the theatre.
  • Erkan from a small village near Denizli for giving us coffee instead of tea for breakfast.
  • SDS Bisiklet in Antalya for cheap brake pads and for the offer to host us for one night if we don't find a place to stay.
  • Mehmet from Antalya for enduring us four nights long and who also wants to do a long bike trip one day.
  • Meriç and Hero from Avanos who let us sleep in their flat for three nights and performed some extreme chilling action with us.

Finally I want to thank the hundreds of people who helped us along the way and who turned this trip into more than just a long holiday. Very few of you will have realised that you did anything in the first place, except for giving us food or a place to sleep, show us the way or just smile. But I'd like to thank you for the things that remained invisible to your eyes, the things that made this trip an adventure and restored my faith in humanity again and again.

Thanks for changing me without noticing it. Thanks for enabling me to see the world with different eyes, for making a trip like this possible, for making me what I am now and for turning this journey into unknown lands into a journey to myself.

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